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Fire Ant Bite Treatment

Blame it on the season or our slacking effort in cleaning up, we suspected Austin was stung by fire ants again and this time we'd to look for a quick fire ant bite treatment. This round Austin suffered from more than a handful puss-filled bumps sprinkled over on his right cheek, torso, thigh, calf and ankle!

I started to notice a few red swollen spots on Austin's right thigh when I bathed him on one of the mornings. In the afternoon, these spots looked larger, as if it was more severe. Spreading over a wider diameter, red and more than a few are filled up with puss, similar to pimples but colorless bumps. I was hoping that Austin would not scratch otherwise these bumps were going to burst. This is an indication of infection. He was stung! Though we did not caught any fire ant red handed, this creature the most suspicious 'criminal', being the highest occupancy in the list of illegal residents at our place. They send scouting agents to hunt for food, they even build highways to access their resources and water! Perhaps, it is time to engage with fire ant control to get rid of them for once and for all.

Going back to Austin's situation, further diagnosis brought us to spot the similar hint on his pinky and foot. The first of all we had to rule out is Hand Foot Mouth (HFM) disease, coxsackie or any related sickness to that. We went to search for more symptoms pertaining to HFM which tends to invite red flat rash, poor appetite, sore throat, fever and mouth ulcers as well, all those were non existence in Austin. What a relief but we continued to monitor Austin because some cases of HFM do not show any symptoms at all. Another clue that made us concluded that this was due to ant sting was the pattern of the blister and red sores. Asymmetrical, it happened only on the right limbs which was explained something was crawling on him rather than systemic reaction.

Fire Ant Bite Treatment At Home

Should we take Austin to see doctor? We did not. But we must do something to reduce the inflammation and irritation. I refused to use corticosteroids cream for fire ant bite treatment - simply hate putting Austin on steroid though it is topical. Neither I gave him any anti-histamines since there was no signs of allergy reaction. However, I couldn't bear seeing him with blisters and bumps. I grabbed Bephanten (the left over nappy rash cream used in 4th trimester), applied on the red spots and put him on long pants to prevent him from scratching the wounded areas. I opted for Bephanten as it is safe even Austin happened to wipe it off and put into his mouth though he is not likely to do so.

To our relief, the wounds improved in the evening. Inflammation was significantly reduced and there were signs of recovery. We continued applying Bepanthen for a few more days and all wounds eventually healed after a week. We however foresee the side effects fire ant bites, seem to give ugly uneven skin tone on his ankle and thigh. We are thankful that Austin only had a mild ant stung. In moderate to severe cases, immediate medication is a must, so never postpone. Our action didn't end here, we have to fix the culprit to prevent Austin being stung again. Guess how we're coping? We decided to vacuum and mop the floor every evening after dinner. Phew! Have your toddler experienced a fire ant stings? What did the symptoms look like? What do you do for fire ant bites? And what kind of fire ant bite treatment you pursue. If you have a similar experience, we'd love to hear from you.


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